Rostal Herbes Aromatiques Grand-St-Bernard SA was founded in 1995, and is located in the Canton of Valais, in Switzerland, where it grows and sells mainly organic, aromatic herb products.

Back then, it bought 12 recipes for herb and spice blends which had been created in the 1970s and began to make them. Each seasoning mix is designed for a specific type of dish, such as salads, beef or raclette.

Over the years, the company has branched out and introduced a range of 6 organic herbal teas and 2 génépi liqueurs. It has also developed some bespoke products tailored to some of its customers’ individual requirements.

In early 2015, the company was taken over by Distillerie Morand and the business moved to Martigny. Morand kept the Grand-St-Bernard brand, and both firms share values which are dear to them both: terroir, product quality and traditional Valais characteristics!

The green gold of the Valais



The Valais is graced with an exceptional quality of soil for growing aromatic mountain plants, which are used in a variety of ways: for seasoning, infusions, or making sweets to name but a few.



Rostal works closely with:

  • The Federal Research station in Conthey
  • The Valais Foundation for the Mentally Disabled: FOVAHM (an integrated workshop where seasoning products are packaged). 8 handicapped people work at Rostal every day under the supervision of an occupational tutor.
  • The Valplantes Cooperative, a group of 60 organic farmers who cultivate aromatic mountain herbs. 
  • The Federal Research station in Conthey



Quality labels


The company holds a number of quality labels. Some of our products are certified Bio Suisse.  Others are labelled Migros Bio or Marque Valais. This bears witness to the quality of the raw materials we use.


Bio Suisse  Bio Migros  Bio Nature Plus Ch


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